Connecting Schools and Parents

Since 2013, Consent Media has been the mobile application developer and platform provider for the Chandler, AZ Unified School District.

What's being served for lunch at my school today? Do I need to add money to my account? Is the school bus tracking on time? What time is team practice today? Did the school bus pick the kids up after school? Where is it enroute? Is PTA tonight or tomorrow night? All the answers to these questions and more are at your fingertips on your iPhone or Android device with Consent Media's K-12 School Connect Mobile Application.

In today’s technology driven world, the Chandler Unified School District is leading the charge in K-12 education in using mobile technology. For example, the CUSD Nutrition program is the first school nutrition program to launch their very own menu app with realtime nutritional information so parents can make morning-time decisions regarding food menus, selections, ingredients, and payment information.

The CUSD School Connect Mobile Application by Consent Media delivers realtime information regarding daily school menus, GPS-enabled bus routes, sports schedules, school events and more into the hands of the districts’ 40,000+ students, parents and school staff and administrators.

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